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How do I become a Wiki Administrator?

Although we are currently not in need of new administrators at this time, this page will help you prepare for when we will.

Here is all of the information you need regarding how you are able to obtain an administrator position on the wiki:

1. This position is strictly invite only. Please do not constantly ask for this position, if/when we are searching for new administrators, an announcement will be posted on the Main Page with instructions on how to apply.

2. You do not need to be 18+ to become an administrator.

3. New administrators are appointed by the bureaucrats and are selected by the current team. To become an administrator, you must:

a. Demonstrate leadership abilities by creating/editing pages, helping new members, etc..
b. Demonstrate you are mature and ready for this position.
c. Follow all the rules of the Wiki, meaning you will have a clean block log. Anomalies on your log can be overlooked.
d. Demonstrate you can edit with ease and navigate smoothly through the Wiki.
e. Have plenty of constructive edits.

4. Although not necessary, you should be familiar with the code that the Wiki uses (a modified version of HTML).

5. Although not necessary, the usage of proper English is preferred.