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If you wish to contribute to the AQ3D Wiki, you must create an account. To do so, you may visit the Create Account page. Enter the necessary information and then click 'Create account' to complete your registration. To log in to the Wiki, click the 'Log in' button at the top right corner of the Wiki.

Once you have registered, it is advisable to read the Wiki Rules to see our policies and what is expected of you in every edit you make in the Wiki. If you are unfamiliar with the MediaWiki, the AQ3D Wiki's software, continue to read on to learn how to use it.

Thank you for taking interest in contributing to the Wiki!

Basic WikiCode

Wiki Markup and HTML
Description You Type Result
Bold '''Bold'''
Italics ''Italics''
Bold and Italics '''''Bold and Italics'''''
<b><i>Bold and Italics</i></b>
Bold and Italics
Strikethrough <strike>Strikethrough</strike> Strikethrough
Bullets <li>Bullet 1 <li>Bullet 2
  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
  • Indent Text :Level 1 Indent
    ::Level 2 Indent
    :::Level 3 Indent
    Level 1 Indent
    OverSoulWiki Links [[Special:Userlogin]]
    [[Special:Userlogin|User Login]]
    User Login
    Wikipedia Links [[Wikipedia:Main Page]]
    [[Wikipedia:Main Page|Main Page]]
    Wikipedia:Main Page
    Main Page
    External Links []
    [ Artix Homepage]
    Artix Homepage
    Add Category [[Category:Guides]] Adds page to 'Guides' Category
    Category [[:Category:Guides]] Category:Guides
    Image [[Image:icon mrgreen.gif]]
    [[File:icon mrgreen.gif]]
    Icon mrgreen.gif
    Headers == Level 2 ==
    === Level 3 ===
    ==== Level 4 ====
    Level 2 is generally used for content pages

    Templates are predefined text and formatting in place, and only require fields to be filled out to complete the article you're making Most pages require the use of templates so that all pages look similar to each other. A list of templates can be found here. To use a template, you must surround it between 4 braces, 2 on each side.

    • Template Usage - {{Rare}}
    • Filling a Template - |Parameter=Value

    Page Creation

    Now that you know some of the basic formatting and have probably familiarized with the interface of the Wiki, you're now ready to create a wiki page.

    Content Pages

    1. Look for the template of the corresponding type of page you are making from the Templates. Note that not all content pages, such as guides, require templates although most pages need one.
    2. Copy the template that corresponds with the type of page you are making to your clipboard.
    3. Visit Create Page, type in the desired page name and click 'Create Page'
    4. Paste the template you copied onto your clipboard into the edit box.
    5. Insert the information at the 'Value' portion of the Parameter: |Parameter=Value. Values have to be streamlined across all pages, meaning if the Value says "Can only be done once." on one page, it must say the exact same thing on every other page (assuming the value applies to that page).
    6. For the image Parameter, insert a filename that can easily be identified to the item. For example, if the image was the AQ3D Logo, it could be called 'AQ3D_logo.png' All content images must be high quality .png images only.
    7. Once you have finished filling up all the parameters, please click "Show Preview" before saving the page to ensure it's looking good and no errors have been made. You may choose to compare it with other pages of the same type to see if it looks similar to them. (Assuming you have not uploaded an image yet, the image will appear as a red link.)
    8. If you have not uploaded an image: Click the red link on your pages and upload the desired image to the Wiki. The page is now complete!

  • Video Tutorial: Editing with Preloaded Templates

    User Pages
    1. Any user registered to the Wiki is allowed to create a Userpage. If you haven't already, please register to the Wiki by following the instructions on the top of this guide.
    2. Visit Create Page and fill in the necessary fields. Click 'Create Page' to begin editing.
    3. Fill in the necessary fields on the template and then save your page.
  • You may access your Wiki User Page anytime by clicking your name at the top right corner of the Wiki if you're logged in.

    Uploading Images

    All content images must be high quality and in the .png format.

    1. You may choose to download an external application, such as Snagit to capture photos, or you may use the default screen capture applications in your computer.
    Windows: Click 'PrtScr' on your keyboard. Go to Paint and click CTRL+V. Crop your image to the desired dimensions and then save it.
    Mac: Click 'CMD+Shift+4' on your keyboard. The image is now on your desktop.
    Linux: Click 'SUPER (Windows/Command Key)' and drag over the area you want a picture of. The image is now on your desktop.
    2. Click Upload File (located under the Toolbox header in the left sidebar). Click 'Browse' and locate the image file you want to upload. Click 'Upload File'

  • Video Tutorial: Uploading Images

    Editing Guidelines


  • Please use the proper templates when creating a page. A list of templates can be found here.
  • Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation when editing text is necessary. Also make sure to follow how the text is presented in game.
  • Irrelevant/opinionated information should not be placed in pages.
  • All formatting of content pages should match previously published pages of the same type.
  • Please use the 'Show preview' button before publishing the page to make sure all the edits you have made look right. You are only to publish a page once you have placed as much information possible.
  • Using placeholders, such as 'Under Construction,' to 'claim' a page is not allowed.

  • It is recommended that you remove all your equipment before taking images to avoid them being included in the background.
  • All image must be HIGH quality and saved in .png format.
  • Images should be easily identifiable by uploading them with a specific title relating to what the image is for.
  • Cropping Images

    Video Tutorial Reference

    The following are video tutorials of the Wiki mentioned throughout this Guide. You may refer to this list to easily find and review them if you need extra help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I create and edit a new page?
    You may visit the Page Creation section of this guide. A Wiki account is also needed to create new pages as well as edit old ones. Certain pages are protected and can only be edited by Wiki Staff Members.

    Why was my page deleted?
    Your page may have been deleted due to it lacking information, a duplicate of another page or a violation of Wiki Rules. If you feel your page was wrongfully deleted, you may contact a Wiki Staff Member.

    Why was my edit reverted?
    Your edit may have been reverted because you added unnecessary information or removed necessary information from the page. If you feel your edit was wrongfully undone, you may contact a Wiki Staff Member.

    Who are the Aq3d Wiki Staff Members?
    A list of current staff members of the Wiki can be found here. Some Wiki staff members are not related to AE or AQ3D and possess no ingame privileges.

    What are the Wiki Rules?
    The Wiki rules can be found here.

    I can't find ________!
    You may use the search box at the top right corner of the Wiki to look for pages.

    Why was I blocked from editing?
    You were blocked from editing the Wiki for violating Wiki Rules. You may contact a Staff Members if you wish to appeal this punishment.

    How do I get promoted to a Wiki Administrator?

    This page will tell you all you need to know. Currently. we are not looking for new administrators.