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What is AdventureQuest 3D (AQ3D)

We have officially started development on a 3D fantasy MMO that will play in your browser. The game is being created specifically for our older players. This makes a lot of sense... because our players are aging up! So, we are going to incorporate more danger, heroic and older-looking characters (similar to DragonFable characters), a more advanced combat system, and a huge crafting system. And for the first time, this game is going to take place on a whole new world with all new cast of characters. If you liked Star Wars: The Old Republic or Skyrim, you are really going to like what we are creating for you.

What is an Alpha/Beta Testing?

Most games are not promoted until they are in the Beta test phase. But, here at Artix Entertainment we have always included you in the development of the games from the VERY beginning. For AdventureQuest 3D, we are going to have more player involvement than ever before. There are three phases: Alpha --> Beta --> LIVE RELEASE.The goal of Alpha testing is to shape the game. It is not unlike working with a ball of clay which we are going to mold into an amazing piece of art. There will be bugs... oh my will there be bugs. Then there is Beta testing, where we have a working game and are developing content. Again, there will be bugs... oh my will there be bugs. The LIVE RELEASE is when the game is considered stable and ready for all players.

Will AdventureQuest 3D be in Flash like your other games?

Ultimately, yes. But the current version is in a plugin called Unity3D -- which is sort of like a 3D version of Flash.

Lag! Help.... my computer is having trouble running it!

We are aware that the 3D fly-though will lag for players with older video cards. We purposefully turned all of our FX up pretty high for the test. It will be possible to turn off special FX which are causing the fly-through to run slowly.

I'm having an issue with Unity! What do I do?

Please let us know in the Bugs thread.

How does this new 3D game fit in the AE Universe?

AdventureQuest 3D is a new game, and will take place on a new world, with a brand new story. As I am sure you have guessed, you will find a healthy number of iconic and familiar AdventureQuest monsters and items in this new world.

Can I have the same character name as my Artix Account name?

We strongly advise against that. You want your Artix Account to be as secure as possible because you will have it linked to all of your other game accounts. if you lose access to your Artix Account, you also lose access to any linked game accounts such as EpicDuel and HeroSmash.This might sound like a broken record... but never, ever, under any circumstances, give out your password. If someone claiming to be staff asks for your password, they are an imposter. Our staff will never ask you for your password -- mostly because they do not need it to access/modify/fix your account.We do have direct access to the databases after all!

What is an AlphaKnight?

AlphaKnights, also known as an "A3K" are our elite testers. They are there from the beginning. Helping us squish bugs, running tests, improving chat, running tests, improving gameplay, running tests, and basically building the world ...and running tests. For each test that an AlphaKnight participates in, they earn a certain number points. Convienently called, "AlphaPoints." When the game goes live, you will have a character page on the Legend of LORE website which will display your achievement badges for other players to see. Anyone who becomes an AlphaKnight will receive a special "AlphaKnight" badge on their AdventureQuest3D character page and it will also display their points (up to the cap) so they can prove how much they helped. *NOTE: Just for qualifying to become a AlphaKnight, you automatically get 200 points and the badge. In addition keeping score for an AlphaKnight (A3K), these points will have a mysterious use in the future.

How can I become an AlphaKnight?

  • Alpha Testers of AQ3D

If you have pre-registered for AQ3D, or participated in any AQ3D alpha test, you are automatically being awarded the title of AlphaKnight and all of your points are being transferred over! You do not have to do anything. (Note: If you did not get the 250pts for the last chat test yet... you know, the one that only lasted 3 hours, do not worry, that test will resume and you will be able to get the points when testing resumes.)

  • AQWorlds & HeroSmash Members

If you have an active AQWorlds and/or HeroSmash Membership, and your account is linked to you will be able to create an account and when the tests resume you will automatically receive AlphaKnight status and 200pts. (PRIORITY ACCESS: Since you are pretty much paying for the cost of running the testing servers, your ACTIVE Membership will grant you additional access, and also priority access when capacity is an issue. Only seems fair.)

  • AQ Guardians, DF DragonLords, MQ StarCaptains, and EpicDuel Varium Users

If you supported us in our other games and your account(s) are linked to ... congratulations, you qualify to become an AlphaKnight! (WHAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?!) I know, during the previous incarnation of this plan we were really, really, really concerned about the limited server space. This is still a serious issue... but we will find a way to make it work. I listened to all of the comments from the players of these games and to be bluntly honest, I had trouble sleeping at night after making the original announcement. You are the reason we are here, and I personally WANT you to be a part of this... and everything we build in the future. I love you guys.